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“Everyday I feel welcomed and part of a family. All the teachers really strive to challenge us and provide just the right amount of care and attention to succeed.” C.H. 8th grade

“In my opinion, it would be quite difficult to not fall in love with the family of St. Paul. There is a clear emotion that is portrayed by all the individuals at St. Paul and that is love. A special characteristic of St. Paul is the community that makes up a family. New students feel they are a member of the family in minutes.” S.D. 8th grade

“St. Paul is a special school because I feel safe and secure when my teachers are around. My teachers make me happy because they are kind. I like being a student at St. Paul because they treat us all fair. I get to learn about Jesus everyday.” R.N. 2nd Grade

“Something that makes St. Paul special is the connection we have with Christ. I like being a student at St. Paul because everyone is close and I feel like I belong.” L.L. 6th Grade

“What I like about being at St. Paul is I’m in middle school and we still have recess. The teachers are inviting and caring at St. Paul.” J.S. 6th Grade

“People who have the love of God in their hearts make up the family of St. Paul Lutheran School. There are many exciting trips and events. I like being a student at the St. Paul because everyone is so welcoming.” J.J. 8th grade

“I like being a student at St. Paul because I feel St. Paul is safe and there are kind people here. I love specials like P.E, Art, Music, Spanish and Computer.” A.P. 2nd Grade

“St. Paul is special, because the teachers always remind the student that Jesus loves them. The best part of St. Paul is that we are all family.” G.M. 8th Grade

“Being a student at St. Paul is one of the best things ever. All the teachers here are very welcoming, kind, thoughtful, and want the best for you by helping you out with anything.” J.R. 8th Grade

“All of the students even older grades are very inviting and kind to one another. I am truly proud to be apart of this amazing school.” M.T. 6th Grade

“I like going to chapel. I like the playground.” H.H. 1st grade

“St. Paul really makes you grow your faith in God. They host fun events like JAM & CREW where you have fun with friends and learn about God.” Z.C. 6th Grade

“St. Paul makes me feel safe and protected.” S.R. 2nd Grade

“I enjoy being at St. Paul because we have excellent academics and sports taught by great teachers.” T.C. 8th Grade

“The family of St. Paul is unique and special to me. It is made up of all kinds of people. I have been taught that all parts of our family are equally important. We are the body of Christ says 1 Corinthians 12:12-14: There is one body but many parts. But all it’s many parts make up one body. I feel that God has truly blessed me by allowing me to be apart of the St. Paul family.” R.M. 8th Grade

“St. Paul is special because we have a comfort dog, her name is Jemimah from the bible and you can love on her.” H.S. Fifth Grade