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Art Program

The visual arts are part of daily life. Studying the history of art and being able to practice in the production of art allows students to build a better understanding of their world and their faith. The arts build creative and critical thinking skills. These skills transfer to all aspects of life, faith, family, and career. Innovations in thinking and the ability to express themselves through a variety of means give students greater confidence. The art program explores a variety of historical movements, artistic subjects, and creative mediums.

The art program is designed to:

  • Connect to topics from the classroom
  • Create original works of art
  • Collaborate and share ideas with others
  • Celebrate our faith through creative expression

Students are able to:

  • Experience the creative process
  • Explore different cultures and history
  • Experiment with new tools and mediums
  • Express themselves

Student projects are displayed in the classrooms,  school office, school library, community exhibits and at the annual school art show.