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Class Trips

St. Paul Lutheran School’s philosophy of learning outside the classroom encourages students in many grades to learn outside the classroom. These experiences are enriching and bring to life what the students have studied during the year. Overnight trips are sponsored for fourth, seventh and eighth grade students.

Our fourth graders study Florida history. There’s no better way to observe and experience the rich history of our state than by visiting St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. These students enjoy this overnight trip each spring.

The seventh grade classes experience spiritual growth and physical challenges through a five day trip to Camp Lutherock in the mountains of North Carolina. The students take part in rock climbing, hiking, and group interaction courses, tying in with God’s Word and learning to work together as the Body of Christ.

Eighth grade social studies emphasizes Civics and American Government. As a culmination, the classes travel to Washington D.C. to witness government in action. Besides seeing Congress and Supreme Court Buildings, major museums, Arlington National Cemetery, Museum of the Bible, Mount Vernon, and various monuments, this off campus learning is described as historical, informational, educational, and fun.

All grades 1st – 8th incorporate educational field trips into their curriculum.