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Philosophy Statement

St. Paul Lutheran School exists as an extension of the ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church. The purpose of St. Paul Lutheran School is to provide for the child a quality Christian education with emphasis on teaching the Christian faith and traditional academic subjects.

A beautiful relationship can exist between God and man because of what Christ has done. The primary function of St. Paul Lutheran School is to describe and demonstrate this relationship as it explained in God’s Word, the Bible and through presentation of law and Gospel. St. Paul Lutheran School has been established for the Christian education of the members of St. Paul Lutheran Church and as a ministry of services and mission outreach to the community.

Along with providing instruction in God’s word and leading the child in the Christian faith, St. Paul Lutheran School has become an extension of the Christian home and congregation in the total development of the child. When a child is enrolled at St. Paul Lutheran School, the entire family becomes a part of the family and regularly encouraged and invited to experience Christian growth.

St.Paul Lutheran School offers a quality Christian education to all its students and is committed to helping each precious lamb develop his or her God-given ability.